Three Bears offers preschool through grade level field trips with instructional guide that align with the Common Core Standards! Read more about our great kids activities in Raleigh, NC!


Fall Theme ( NC Animals or Pumpkin Story) 

Children will enjoy a short story and craft before playing!  Come enjoy hay stacks, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin sling shots, fall story, hayride and each child takes a pumpkin home with them after a day of fun during the month of October.

Spring Theme (Our Growing Garden) 

Children will learn about the all the new growth around us and the smells of spring! Springtime story and interactive learning about butterflies and frogs.  Children will then enjoy unlimited play on all our activities.

Grade School

Native Americans

The children will learn about being a Native American in the Southeast. We will discuss their housing, clothing, dialect, and other aspects of being a Native American long ago.

North Carolina Animals and Their Habitat

Can you run faster than a bear, or perhaps a deer? What better way to learn about North Carolina Animals than be in their habitat.

Life Cycle of Plant

Students will be introduced to the life cycle of plants.  Teacher will discuss the stages of plants and the importance of of sun, rain and other natural resources to help plants grow.  This is a great kids activity in Raleigh, NC!

Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What is trash? Come learn how and what to recycle.  We can work together to have a cleaner environment.


The children will learn how to measure weather in a variety of ways. They will recognize the tools meteorologist use to predict the weather each day.

Geometric Shape Find

Need a low cost option for a field trip?  We offer Geometric Shape Find field trip!  Children will enjoy all of our activities and search for shapes all throughout the facility to solve a riddle!

Force and Motion

Students will learn about Force and Motion while playing at Three Bears Acres. As they explore activities, the students will have a laminated sheet to guide them and their chaperone/teacher while explaining how force and motion are used with many of our activities.

Each field trip has a reserved eating area overlooking Bear Pond.

In need of lunch options for your students?

We have a local pizza place that will deliver to us!

We also have ice cream and other snacks for sale ($3 and under)

A visit to our facility hard on the schools budget?  We do offer self directed field trips as well as abbreviated versions to the themes above, please call or email Moira at 919-880-8320 or


For sample lesson plans specific to your grade level please call Moira Roberts at 919-880-8320 or All of our lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards.